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June 29, 2020


My office has been through many changes in the past short while. One of the most important, however, has nothing to do with physical changes meant to harness the control of the challenging virus in our midst, but with the difficulty of retirement for one of our cherished hygienists. Debi has decided that for many reasons, it is time to retire after 27 years of working together.

I am happy for Debi, in that this will give her more time to spend with her family. I have often commented to her how I am amazed at how she balances her many obligations with family, their many family businesses and her work as a dental hygienist that she obviously loves. She has been amazing at taking care of all of us! She is an exemplary team member, always willing to make everyone’s day better; her attitude is often infectious.

Debi will be profoundly missed by her team members, all of you and mostly by myself. She promises to bring her joyous competency back to the office as a “sub” when she’s able, and my hope is that we’ll all be blessed by her presence again, many times in the future.

I know you will join me, and the office, in wishing Debi and her family the very best, and gratitude for all that she is. If you have any parting wishes or thoughts to share with Debi, please address them to the office and we will make sure she receives them.

Congratulations, Debi, on your amazing career! We will miss you!

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